July 2023: Intro to git (in person)

An in person introduction to git/GitHub workshop!

This July, R-Ladies Philly hosted an in-person interactive workshop on version control with git & GitHub with amazing presenters, Shannon Pileggi and E. David Aja!

The learning objectives from this workshop were

  • Employ version control via git and GitHub with operations including commit, push and + pull.
  • Fork and clone from remote repositories.
  • Describe the importance of viewing commits and diffs.
  • Compile markdown reports from an R script for sharing code products on GitHub.
  • Create a project web site via GitHub Pages.
  • Compare and execute different methods to re-visit previous versions of projects.
  • Utilize branches as safety nets for code experimentation.
  • Explain situations that can create merge conflicts and strategies to resolve them.

We have a great time getting to see some old friends and meet some new R users at this event.

If you missed the event and want to get started with git from R, we recommend https://happygitwithr.com/

Thank you!

Thank you to our wonderful presenters/teachers, Shannon Pileggi and E. David Aja!

We also want to thank Element 84 for generously hosting us in their beautiful offices.

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