Tidy Tuesday with R-Ladies

Tidy Tuesday is a weekly data project where R enthusiasts across the globe share their plots, analysis, and thoughts about a new data set.

It’s a great way to get started with R or really stretch your R skills in a fun way and try something new.

On February 5th, 2023 we co-hosted our first (virtual) Tidy Tuesday event in collaboration with Philly RUG. It was an interactive live-coding event where we split into two break-out rooms and focused on two different datasets. A big thank you to Alice Walsh (R-Ladies Philly) and Cory Cutsail (Philly RUG) for leading breakout rooms and coding live! We had a few members submit their code/plots for a prize (O’Reilly Media eBook on Data Science/R or exclusive R-related prize) and overall had a successful and fun event. Thanks Cory and Philly RUG!

On April 25th, we co-hosted another virtual Tidy Tuesday event with R-Ladies DC. We had a great turn out with over 20 R-Ladies members showing up to code. For this session, we focused on the Tidy Tuesday dataset ‘London Marathon’ and split into two breakout rooms led by co-organizers Alice Walsh (Philly) and Sam Tyner-Monroe (DC), who did a great job leading, live-coding, and talking through their code. At the end of our coding session, we had a show-and-tell where both groups showcased their visualizations and insights. We also had others share their plots as well! Overall, these were such a fun events, and we want to give a huge thank you to Philly RUG and R-Ladies DC for the collaboration. Check out our code and plots on our GitHub: https://github.com/rladies/meetup-presentations_philadelphia/tree/master/2023/tidytuesday

We look forward to having more Tidy Tuesday events! If you’re interested in attending future events follow our meetup, twitter and website for information.

Thank you

We send a huge thank you to the attendees and participants at these events.

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