September 2022: Center City Sips Data Workshop

On the last week of September 2022, 40 R-ladies Philly members joined this wonderful workshop given by Silvia Canelón who is a data analyst in the Urban Health Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. We learned how to scrape the data from the Philly’s 2022 Center City Sips website, and geo-coded the addresses to make an interactive map using geographic data.

The workshop covers three major steps:

  • Scrape restaurants and addresses from the website with rvest

  • Geocode the restaurant addresses to obtain geographical coordinates with tidygeocoder

  • Build an interactive map with leaflet.

Miss it? No worries!

The workshop slide and Silvia’s personal blog include the complete tutorial for this practice. All the materials can be found on GitHub and in an RStudio Cloud project. You can also watch the workshop recording at our Rladies Philly YouTube channel.

Besides the workshop, Silvia and the participates also created a list of useful tools and resources:

For complete Q&A document, please refer to

Thank you

We send a huge thank you to our speaker Silvia Canelón and all our participates. Follow Silvia at her blog, Twitter and Github to learn more about R.

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