May 2023: Analyzing Experiments using Causal Forests

On May 17 2023, 40+ R-ladies Philly members joined this wonderful workshop given by Elea McDonnell Feit who is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean of Research at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business. She is also the co-author of R for Marketing Research and Analytics. We learned how to use the {grf} R package to analyze an example dataset!

The workshop covers three major topics using a real world dataset (an experiment on Rhea chicks):

  • Analyzing a randomized experiment with linear models - what is the “average treatment effect” (ATE)

  • Understanding “treatment modifiers” by estimating conditional average treatment effects (CATEs)

  • Introducing Causal Forests: A flexible way to identify important modifiers and relate them to treatment effects

Miss it? No worries!

The workshop slides and code are available!

You can watch the workshop recording at our R-Ladies Philly YouTube channel.

If you want to follow along, there is also the Q&A document from the event.

Thank you

We send a huge thank you to our speaker Elea and all our participants.

As for our star dataset, we thank Sue McDonnell for sharing the Rhea Chicks Experiment data reported in Koch, Colleen S., et al. “Training Rhea americana chicks to walk voluntarily across a scale; effect on the handler’s time and the chicks’ weight gain compared with traditional techniques: A pilot study.” Journal of Veterinary Behavior 18 (2017): 69-75.

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