Alicia Johnson presents Bayes Rules!

Bayesian statistics can be really intimidating! Alicia and her co-authors set out to demystify Bayesian statistics. On October 18th, 2021, we hosted Alicia for an interactive workshop on Bayesian statistics in R where we learned about the difference between Bayesian and Frequentist statistics and how to work with Bayesian statistics in R with the bayesrules R package.

The Rmd and Slides from the event are available here:

The book can be found for free at:

About the speaker

Alicia Johnson is an associate professor of statistics at Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota. Her research interests span Bayesian statistics, computational statistics, and statistics / data science education. Outside of statistics, she enjoys building things, snow (during the appropriate months), and vitamin D among other things.

Watch the recording

To watch a replay of this event, please head to our YouTube channel (and why not watch some other R-Ladies videos while you are there!)


Thank you again to Alicia for the informative and entertaining session!